Earth, Wind & Fire – unco gas news

Fracking for shale gas could threaten our local environment and health and will not provide either energy security or cheaper bills.  Climate science tells us that we cannot afford to burn 80% of existing fossil fuel supplies, so searching for new sources is a dangerous distraction from our move towards a renewable energy future.  A recent British Geological Survey estimates that Scotland’s central belt contains only about 5% of the shale gas potential of Northern England. The Scottish Government is to introduce new planning requirements for buffer zones around shale gas developments.

Underground Coal Gasification is a process for exploiting coal that uses the same sort of drilling technology usually used for fracking. It injects air/oxygen into a coal seam and then sets the seam on fire, partially burning the coal and bringing the gases produced to the surface to produce energy. Toxic and carcinogenic coal tars are produced in the burn cavity. The process is associated with serious groundwater contamination and massive carbon emissions.

Communities in Airth and Canonbie are under threat from Dart Energy. Dart is attempting to get the green light for a dangerous new way to extract fossil fuels. They want planning permission to make Falkirk the centre of a commercial ‘coalbed methane field’.

Based in Newcastle and backed by the Duke of Buccleuch, Five-Quarter Energy plan to gasify offshore coal using a method called ‘deep gas winning’ (DGW) to extract further fossil fuels in the UK’s latest unconventional gas play. DGW convert coal rock into gas using steam and oxygen by oxidisation producing syngas to be pumped onshore.


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