Slapper Trump’s Offensive

Trump hair

Donald Trump has been threatening to hold up the EOWDC project again, this time by taking the case concerning his disturbed views to the European Courts. Threats of this kind are called ‘strategic lawsuits against public participation’ (SLAPPs). SLAPPing is a tactic which originated in the USA, whereby companies hell-bent on environmental destruction take campaigners to court in order to quash opposition.

Hightown, from Menie Sands 2006

Five judges in the UK’s Supreme Court have unanimously thrown out Donald Trump’s long-running spurious case against Scottish Ministers. He claimed that the Scottish Government did not have the authority to approve the 11-turbine European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC), a test site 3.5Km from the coast in Aberdeen Bay. The turbines will be visible and disturb the views from his Menie golf course. Now he is trying to delay the project – at further expense to the public purse – by taking the case to the European courts.

Threats and delusional posturing of this kind are the close cousins of ‘strategic lawsuits against public participation’ (SLAPPs). SLAPPing is a tactic that originated in the USA, whereby companies hell-bent on environmental destruction take campaigners to court in order to quash opposition. Prohibitive expense and long delays are the unprincipled aims; the process is a punishment. Winning doesn’t enter the equation, because Trump can’t lose – the turbines will provide the excuse to abandon his destructive ‘golf resort’ at Menie. It’s a decade since he bought the shooting estate at Menie. Ultimately we are the real losers. Slappers love Slapping’s toxic big brother TTIP.

The EOWDC plans to be an experimental  hub to facilitate the development of innovative offshore wind power and help Scotland make the inevitable transition to renewables: Aberdeen will become the energy capital of Europe. Our dependency on fossil fuels will be lessened. EOWDC developer Vattenfall has welcomed the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Vattenfall are pressing ahead with the project, which is already years behind schedule. Onshore construction near Blackdog will start later this year and offshore work will begin in late 2017. EOWDC will aid cost reduction and allow scientists, researchers and engineers to train and pilot turbine technology just as the testing undertaken at the demonstrator Hywind 1 in Norway has proved invaluable to Hywind Scotland. The Hywind 1 full-scale floater offshore Norway has served as a similar test centre since 2009. As a result the Hywind Pilot Park floating windfarm will now be installed in the North Sea 30Km off Peterhead.

Plans to hold the Scottish Open golf championship at Menie have been quietly dropped. In ten years Trump has invested less than £30 million at Menie; it’s never operated at a profit. “Essentially, the North-East has ended up with the worst of both worlds. We’ve lost the natural dune system, but the promised economic benefits used to justify that destruction are nowhere to be seen.”  Councillor Paul Johnston

Trump’s Robert Gordon University honorary degree and his Global Scot status have been revoked. Aberdeen Voice’s Suzanne Kelly launched a petition to block Trump from entry into Britain because of his hate-filled rants. It has become the fastest ever petition to qualify for debate in the UK Parliament. The petition was debated in the UK Parliament on January 18th.

Sarah Malone, executive vice president of Trump International Golf Links, Scotland, commented about protecting ‘American boarders’ (sic); unfortunately she managed to spell ‘precedent’ correctly, or else her statement would have included a line about ‘setting a dangerous president .. sending a terrible message to the world’.





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