CAP in handouts; murdering birds on the moors


Images: Bennachie hill range from the skies


‘The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is a disaster, essentially a £50 billion welfare system for the landed gentry and other big landowners across Europe. You would think that leaving the EU could actually be a positive thing for agriculture. Free from the shackles of CAP, we might get a fairer system. Right?


‘A UK agricultural policy that doesn’t subsidise the rich’ – Alex Scrivener


50% of Scotland’s hill farmers only survive thanks to Working Tax Credits, the CAP payments IT system has buckled, becoming a processing shambles, and overall debt levels in the farming sector have reached a record high. At the beginning of December 2016 it emerged that another blunder had occurred issuing farm subsidy payments. Farmers and crofters have been overpaid during the UK Government’s £300million cash advance loan scheme.  ‘Responsibilities’ – Alec Finlay

Scottish tenant farmers call for sale of Highland sporting estate to be put on hold  Loophole in bid to punish landowners for killing birds of prey

Doffing caps, Tillypronie Estate Trusts received £385,279 from CAP in 2014 for “first afforestation of agricultural and non-agricultural land”. The 6000 hectare estate in Aberdeenshire is up for sale, complete with grouse moors and valued at £10.5 million.

A Scottish land owner has claimed £3 million in CAP subsidies from the European Union last year – more than anyone else in the UK. Frank Smart owns land near the town of Banchory on Deeside. He is what’s known as a ‘slipper farmer’, buying farms along with their subsidy entitlement, and then leasing them out to be farmed by tenants.




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